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Signing and Interpretation

For the past decade it is conceivable that many visitors that have stopped off at Tesco, Dakota Hotel or the other fast food outlets at Ferrymuir, visited McDonald’s to the west of the Echline

Roundabout or the viewpoint at the Road Bridge car park will have passed‐by Queensferry as a destination. It is difficult to know what the potential impact that might have had but in today’s economic climate it is essential that Queensferry Ambition seriously considers the need to extend this system to capture this potential visitor passing audience.

With the new Queensferry Crossing now well underway and the prospect of World Heritage Status for the Forth Bridge, Queensferry Ambition is of the belief that to capture and orientate our many current and potential visitors a new signage strategy requires to be investigated.

We are currently facilitating talks with local stakeholders both North and South of the Bridge to ensure they are involved in our shared vision for an updated Signage strategy.

To read a summary proposal on Signing and Interpretation written by Paul Hogarth, please
Click Here

If you would like to be part of this stakeholder group and have an interest in the many accessibility and signage issues in Queensferry, please get in touch.

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