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Queensferry Ambition Skills Partnership

In order to be the destination of choice it has been recognised that a crucial element in achieving this vision will be the quality of service offered to all those who use the town, whether these are local people, visitors, or workers. Queensferry Ambition envisages that the skills and quality of the local labour force should comprehensively reflect outstanding standards in all aspects of its user experience.

This proposal is an innovative initiative offering the provision to those who wish to learn and develop their skills in the town of Queensferry under the auspices of a one-stop shop facility. It will involve training providers working together with employers to offer a programme of development to meet the local employers’ needs facilitated by the Queensferry Ambition Skills Partnership.
It is envisaged that the QASP will be a channel of high quality support aimed at employers and individuals in the pre-recruitment and apprenticeship stage, as well as those who are already in employment. This support will be based on the employers’ needs, tailored to the local market, and delivered locally.

The QASP will give local employers a unique opportunity to lead the development and delivery of learning which meets the needs of their business and the local area.

To read the QASP Business Plan click here

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