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Binks & Priory Study

Binks & Priory Study

This study explores the potential to improve the Binks and Priory area and address some of the issues facing the town centre. It explores how this and targeted improvements to the wider urban realm can enhance connectivity and improve the facilities and infrastructure for both locals and visitors. The Priory Church has identified a need for additional church facilities and to facilitate this it is interested in exploring options to develop its open ground to the north.

Section A of the study contains a Townscape Analysis looking at the principal factors affecting the site. Section B sets out an initial analysis of potential future uses of the site, were it to be developed or changed significantly. Section C has been prepared by the Glamis Consultancy and explore the potential uses of the site in more detail as well as looking at how the exploration of proposals could be taken to the next stage of development. Finally Section D shows how the site might be transformed to achieve the aims of the brief.

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