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Tell us about your events

Organising a community or business event in South Queensferry? Let us know about it and we’ll try to share it online. Make sure you tell us:

  • the name of the event;
  • a little bit about the event – why it’s being run, what’s on offer – and who it’s aimed at;
  • who’s organising the event - and the names of any partner organisations or funders;
  • date(s);
  • location – the full address of the event venue, including a postcode;
  • times – start times and expected end times (if you know them);
  • the cost of admission – or if it’s free;
  • if you need to get tickets, or just turn up; and
  • where people can get more information – an email address, a contact telephone number or a website giving more information (or all three!)

You may also want to add information on parking, public transport to the venue and information on accessibility for people with mobility problems.

Email your info: info@queensferryambition.co.uk

You can also add, if you can, a picture to illustrate your event. Make sure you own the copyright to this - or have permission for us to share it. Pictures should be saved in JPEG format.

Event site Eventbrite provides a range of free ideas for event organisers on its website.

You can also use Eventbrite to host information on your event and take online bookings (it offers free listings and bookings for free events).

Edinburgh-based magazine The List also lists information for free. Visit its website for details. It distributes listings to national newspaper groups, TV websites, mobile apps, local councils and more for free! So it’s worth getting listed!

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