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About Us

About BIDs

A BID is a business led initiative which gives local organisations the power to raise funds locally to be spent locally, with the aim of improving their own trading environment. It is an investment scheme where local businesses have the opportunity to say how their money should be invested to benefit themselves, their employees, customers and clients.

  • The BID is an arrangement under which you plan how to improve your own trading environment.
  • BID’s are developed, managed and paid for by the private sector by means of a compulsory levy.
  • Businesses identify projects or services that will add value to their trading environment.
  • The funds generated are ring fenced and used to deliver the projects and services as voted on by the businesses and community within the BID area.
  • The BID is not a substitute for central or local government expenditure, but an additional investment to strengthen the local economy.
  • The projects and services a BID delivers are new or in addition to Council services. They do not and cannot replace them.

The Opportunity

  • This is your chance to help deliver over £500 000 of additional investment into Queensferry over the next 5 years and see great return on your investment. It is a unique opportunity for Queensferry to reach its full potential and for the community to take ownership and to collectively enhance trading conditions.
  • To view the Queensferry Ambition Business Plan 2012 – 2017 click here.
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